Finance Committee

Mike Maida, Karen Burwash, Claude Jolicoeur, Gabrielle Bernardin, and Marcel Rainville. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Finance Committee please email:

Finance Committee Update: 

We regretfully announce that the Chez Nous Drop-In Centre closed in September. As a result, we did not have a collection in October and November. The funds collected for the month of September that had not yet been sent to Chez Nous areinstead being redirected to the Main Street Project. Thank you for your generosity in donating to Chez Nous in the past. 

A few weeks ago, as the weather turned cold, it became very obvious the Parish is having heating issues. After having the problem professionally inspected, it was discovered that many of the air vents on the radiators had corroded to the point of no longer working. The finance committee was able to receive quotes and have them repaired. This greatly helped the problem, however there are still more repairs that need to be done. We are currently in the process of having these done so that we can once again have a warm parish!

Many of our members have inquired about what is happening with the gravel in the parish parking lot. A few months ago, we received an offer from a professional concrete company to have a portion of our parking lot paved at a discounted rate, due to a surplus in material. As a committee, we decided to proceed. Unfortunately, the services rendered were not completed properly, and so we will not be paying the invoice. We are now looking into next steps to amend the problem. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience on all the above matters!