Please Contact the parish at least one year in advance.

Couples wanting a wedding at the Parish of St Bernadette must:

  • Introduce yourselves to our Priest or Deacon
    • Saying Hi after a mass is a great idea
  • Contact the parish office at least 1 year before the proposed wedding date in order to book a meeting time.
    • Marriage preparation information will be given to you at this time
  • Be a parishioner of good standing
    • Registered parishioner
    • Contributing parishioner (Envelopes, or Direct Withdrawal)
    • Participating parishioner


Store clerks are taught to say, “Have a nice day!” to each customer. The marriage version is “How was your day?” Such a simple question, but it says, “I care about you and how you spend the time when we’re apart.” Listen carefully to the answer