Protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

All use of parish facilities,
(including Mass, Catechism, Youth, Adult Faith)
suspended until further notice.
Please keep an eye on our Website, Bulletin or Facebook Page for updates.

Please make sure you inform any parishioners that you know that do not have access to either this email, our website or Facebook page.
Consider reaching out to people who may be alone during these times. 

During this temporary period, we will strive to protect each other … most especially those who are most vulnerable among our community. As such, until the danger of exposure is passed, the following measures will be in place at all gatherings at the Parish of St. Bernadette (Mass, prayers, and other gatherings).

  • The Rite of Peace will be eliminated. We will proceed immediately to the Fraction Rite.
    • All holy water fonts will be removed from the church. You may bring your own small vials or sealed vessels from home and take Holy Water from the reserve by the Sacristy.
    • The Precious Blood will not be distributed.
    • The Body of Christ will be distributed by the presiding priest, alone, from the usual place.
    • You may receive, as always, on either the tongue or in your hands; expert and professional opinion is that any risk of infection is not affected by either practice.

Other measures:

  • Since the COVID-19 coronavirus can be picked up by touching a surface that an infected person has touched – such as a pew or hymnal  ̶  everyone should wash their hands thoroughly before and after Mass. Unless you have your own with you, use the hand sanitizers that have been made available as you enter the church and as you leave.
    • Stay home if you have any signs of illness, especially a fever and cough. Those who stay at home are encouraged to pray and reflect on the Sunday readings if they are well enough.
    • Pastoral care team members who bring the Blessed Sacrament to shut-ins should not attend any homes where influenza or COVID-19 is known or suspected to be present. As is usual practice, those visiting health care facilities or nursing homes should continue to follow the infection prevention protocols at each institution.
    • And of course, always pray for the sick. And pray for the medical professionals who seek a solution to this and all serious diseases.