On June 28th, Archbishop LeGatt announced that ‘Mediation Services’ will be providing listening teams to further support a “truth-telling” (listening) process. The first part of the listening process will take place between now and mid September.  The listening teams will begin by meeting with those who have been most directly involved in the life of the parish.  This would include past and present staff and committee members at the parish.  If you fit in this group, you are now welcome to call  ‘Mediation Services’ 204-925-3410′ to register.  Office hours are 8:30 am-4 pm, Monday to Friday.  Please note we are also compiling names of past and present staff and committee members, and will be reaching out to any on that list who have not called to register.

Mediation Services is an independent, not for profit organization specializing in conflict resolution and healing.  Our website is:    At the end of August, we will begin part 2 of the listening sessions with the broader membership of St. Bernadette parish (past and present); and will provide instructions again at that time as to how you can register for a meeting.

After listening to all who would like to share their story, we will report back to the Parish what we have heard, identifying unresolved issues; and we will discuss ways that the Parish can move forward.

When you call Mediation Services, you will be asked to share your name, phone number, email address and what your involvement at St. Bernadette has been (i.e. parishioner, committee member, staff person).  This information will be passed on to listeners who will then set up a meeting with you.  This will be a CONFIDENTIAL process.  In our reports, nothing you say will be attributed to any particular person.  Only themes and patterns will be identified.

Listening can happen at Mediation Services (302-1200 Portage Avenue) offices; or by phone; using Zoom; or at a place of your choosing.

If you are confused, do not hesitate to call Mediation Services.  We would like to include as many of you as possible in this listening process.  We appreciate that this may be new for many of you, and we would like to be open and transparent.  All questions are welcome.  Note it may take a day or two to respond to your calls. We ask for your patience.   

Janet Schmidt – Mediation Services