Faith Formation / Catechism at St. Bernadette Parish

Great News! We are planning our in-person catechism program for this fall beginning Tuesday October 4 at 6:15 in the church for the students and parents. Please note that parents are to stay at the first evening to meet those involved and have our procedures explained. Classes will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:15-7:30pm weekly. 

Sign up online. Check our email bulletin or our website.

Press Here

Please contact the office or Suzanne for further information.

Sunday Celebration of the Word in the absence of a Priest with the distribution of Holy Communion.

We are looking for people who would be willing to lead Lay Led Services with distribution of Holy Communion in the absence of a priest should the need arise.

If this is something you would like to do, please contact the office.  Training sessions, as well as practice sessions, will be done prior to being asked to sign up on MSP (Ministry Scheduler Pro). 

Once prepared, your name will be added to MSP along with your preferred mass time and you will be added to the roster.  This enables you to know in advance your scheduled mass to prepare the readings, reflections, etc. should they be necessary.

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This ministry of preparedness is exactly that- to prepare ourselves for the weekend’s readings should our priest be stranded or unavailable to preside.  Thank you in advance for considering this ministry.

COVID UPDATE & Mass Time Change. Feb. 12, 2021

As of this weekend, we are resuming limited in-person worship. We are, however, required by law to follow all regulations for public gatherings in worship environments as set out by the Province of Manitoba. We are permitted to hold regular religious services with attendance of ten percent (10%) of usual capacity or 50 people (whichever is least). Ten percent (10%) of capacity at the parish of St. Bernadette is 48 people.

  • Lord’s Day Masses will be:
    • Saturday 5pm (NOTE: NEW TIME!)
    • Sunday 9am
    • Sunday 11am
    • Weekday masses more information to follow.

For the Parish of St Bernadette:

  • Please arrive NO SOONER THAN 30 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass.
    • We will be sanitizing the worship space before all liturgies.
    • The disinfectant solution must be sprayed throughout an empty space
    • The disinfectant solution must dry so that your clothing is not damaged.
  • Our MAXIMUM is 48 persons in attendance
  • Use of face masks is MANDATORY
    • TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES, including
      • in the Narthex (entrance),
      • by the washrooms
      • in and around all pews.
  • When you enter the building, you must:
    1.  Ensure your are properly masked. (If you do not have a mask, a paper mask will be provided) 
    2. Sanitize your hands at one of the sanitizer stations at the entrance of the church or use your own sanitizer.
    3. Form a line, maintaining two meters (six feet) distance and single-file, to provide government-required contact tracing information to parish staff.
    4. You will then be shown to your assigned seat:
    • Please watch the video (below) to review receiving the Body of Christ safely and reverentially while wearing a mask:
    • Communion will be brought to you at your place.
    • You are not to leave your seat except for use of washroom facilities or to exit the building (still masked at all times until you are in your car).
    • Two meters (6 feet) social distancing is to be maintained at all times between you and all people who are not from your household.

A Mass will be recorded and will be available on our Parish Facebook Page andYouTube Channel for those who choose to refrain from a public gathering.

Please Like our Facebook Page and Subscribe to our Parish YouTube Channel to keep up to date. 

Online Christmas Schedule for The Parish of St. Bernadette

All masses will be available of Youtube and Facebook.

We wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas Season.

Parish Revenues 
There are a few ways to donate to the parish. 
– Direct Deposit (Form found on our Parish Website).
– Mail-in your collection (Make sure your name and address are written).
– Bring in your collection (Make sure your name and address are written).

When you bring your collection to the parish, we will be doing “curbside” style.
– Please call the Parish first
– Then you will place it in the mailbox (parish office doors).
– Then ring the doorbell so we can pick it up.

Or just place it in our mailbox.
– We do check the mailbox often.

Thank you!

Masks are now Mandatory at the Parish of St Bernadette.

Masks are now Mandatory to be worn to enter the Parish of St Bernadette. Masks must be worn when you leave your pew or walk around.

Masks are to cover your nose and mouth. 

New COVID-19 Restrictions in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Health Region

The Provincial government updated restrictions on public gatherings in Winnipeg and outlying municipalities. As of Monday, September 28, Masses will still be maintained at 30 % of building capacity. Persons in the affected areas will have to wear masks at all faith gatherings (Mass).

There is a ten-person limit on indoor and outdoor gatherings, such as meetings and catechism. We remind all the faithful to maintain physical distancing at all worship services, and we ask all parishes to respect the new provincial guidelines, details of which can be found at and by clicking here.

Above and beyond parishes in the City of Winnipeg, the following parishes are affected by the new restrictions: Corpus Christi (Narol), St. Stanislaus (Selkirk), St. Michael (Cook’s Creek), St. John Paul II Catholic Community (Oakbank), Our Lady of Hope (Anola), St. Hyacinthe (La Salle), Saint-Adolphe, Sainte-Agathe, Notre-Dame-de-la-Miséricorde (Île-des-Chênes), NotreDame-de-Lorette (Lorette). The areas affected include the Cities of Winnipeg and Selkirk, the Town of Stonewall, the RM of Cartier, the RM of Headingley, the RM of Macdonald, the RM of Ritchot, the RM of Rockwood, the RM of Rosser, the RM of Springfield, the RM of St. Andrews, the RM of St. Clements, the RM of St. François Xavier, the RM of Taché, the RM of West St. Paul, the RM of East St. Paul, the Town of Niverville; and the Village of Dunnottar.

Weekly News Bulletin
September 29, 2020

Please continue to maintain social distancing.

Catechism 2020-2021

Remember to sign your children up for catechism.

These classes will be needed to qualify for sacramental preparation.

Online video-based at home family catechesis with weekly parish connect. 

– You will receive a Mailchimp email (like our catechism newsletter) containing recorded videos, activities, suggestions, and questions. These videos can be watched at your family’s convenience. 
-Attendance is mandatory to qualify for diocesan sacramental preparation requirements.
-Attendance is registered through mailchimp questionnaire and weekly mass attendance (online or in person) in order to qualify for diocesan sacramental preparation requirements. 

Register Family Here

One Registration per Family (household).
Please have a contact parent or guardian register as Registrant.
–  Then in Additional info please register each child. 
-If you have more than 4 children in your household please contact the parish. 
– If you are unable to register online please contact the parish. 
This program will ask for weekly parish connect, including Mass (in-person or live stream)

please comment #FaithFormation2020-2021 for live stream mass
You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email please contact the parish.

Classes will start in October.

Contact the Parish if you need any assistance.

Weekday Masses at The Parish of St Bernadette

Gathering is limited to 25 people including Fr. Phil and designated ministers.  Once that number is reached, entrance to the church will not be permitted.  Upon arrival, attendees must write their name and phone number on contact tracing forms.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass begins. 

Our Weekday masses will be open starting Wednesday June 24, 2020.

Our Weekday 9am mass schedule is Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.

Our weekday masses will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook and loaded to our Website and YouTube page.