Donations & Parish Finances

In the midst of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to stay close to you through our parish bulletin, our website, and through our FaceBook presence. If you need help in connecting with any of these means of contact, our parish office has and will remain open during our regular office hours – do not hesitate to call Jasmine at (204)255-1951 if you need assistance in this or in any matter.

We understand that you are living in a time of crisis which affects everyone in some way. Prayerfully, we invite you to evaluate how you can continue to support the parish of St. Bernadette to ensure that we can carry on connecting with you now at this time through social media and that we will be ready and able to resume our worship and parish life when life returns to normal. Please consider the following means of continuing to support the parish.

Make a safe and secure donation to the parish with your Debit or Credit Card.


Start Now…

Other Ways to Donate

to The Parish

Mail cheques payable to:

Parish of St. Bernadette

820 Cottonwood Road

R2J 1G1

Dropping off your donation at the parish office during office hours:

Please call before coming to the parish.

Signup for automatic debit donations

Call Jasmine at the parish office for easy instructions on how to do this: (204)255-1951

Diocesan Website

The Diocesan Website is now set up to take in donations on behalf of each parish. Click on the “Donate to my parish” button on the website’s home page at and follow the prompts. The Archdiocese will send you your official income tax receipt and, at the end of each month, will send the donations to the parishes.

Required information

For any gift, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Name and address, as it should appear on the official tax receipt
  2. A phone number and/or e-mail address where we can contact you, should any issues arise regarding your contribution
  3. Envelope number if you know it.

Please contact the parish office of you have any questions.