Grade 6+

We will gather as a youth group in prayer and fellowship to get insight into living the Catholic Faith in our classrooms, teams, activities, friendships and families.

Our forum is open table discussion where we listen to one another in respect and compassion and assist each other through fellowship.

We will also discuss how we can assist those in need in our community and at large through various activities such as sandwich making, soup making, water bottle collection, toiletry backpacks, etc…

We are considered a WE group and in that venue we assist where needed both locally and globally.  We have called ourselves the Youth Social Justice Network 

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Catholic School of Evangelization

Unforgettable Catholic Summer Camps! Don’t miss out! The Saint Malo Catholic Camps at the CSE (Catholic School of Evangelization) are an unforgettable experience for youth ages 5 to 17 years old. During their week at camps, campers have fun with archery, mountain biking, canoeing, beach time, sports, campfires, music, dramas, and still much more. Even more special are the lifelong friendships that are formed at camps, and the prayer time and spiritual formation offered to campers. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY