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The Sacrifice of the Mass is the “Source and Summit of the Christian life.” The Mass Coordinator assists the priest in ensuring that the Liturgy of the Mass runs smoothly. The Mass Coordinator prepares the church for Mass, including the altar, the vessels, as well as ensures that the liturgical ministry positions are filled.
In order to become a Mass Coordinator you must be a person who is active in their faith, with good personal skills, which are both welcoming and hospitable. The person should be decisive, proactive, and reliable and have a good understanding of Liturgical procedures.
The mass coordinator also acts as Hospitality minister when they are in the Narthex and by their very ministry of gathering those necessary for worship from our parish community such as our gift bearers.

These ministers coordinate each mass celebration.  They are also needed to assist at baptisms and funeral services.  They prepare all that is needed for the Eucharistic celebration.


  • Arrive well before mass
  • Prepare the linens, sacred vessels, gifts of the bread and wine
  • Make sure all people schedule to assist with the mass are present
  • Find people to fill in for anyone absent
  • Clean up sacred vessels after mass
  • Put out lit candles and turn off all lights

Qualities Required:  These ministers are punctual, flexible, organized, agreeable and pay attention to detail.  They have a deep respect for ritual and symbolic action. 

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


Music, a gift and a blessing from God, has played a very important role in Catholic Liturgy for the past two thousand years. The Bible resounds with praise and thanks to God through music. In the Old Testament music played a number of different roles, including assisting in the memorization of God’s truth and in reminding God’s people of their fallen ness and salvation. In the New Testament God’s people gather together to express their praise to him and to build one another up in the faith. A rich variety of music that is in harmony with the ministry of God’s word is a significant part of the life of the church and points towards the role of music in our praise of God in heaven.
Here at the Parish of St Bernadette we are blest to have talented musicians who are able to help us raise our hearts and minds to praise God. Come share your talents with us and help us make a joyful noise.


St Bernadette is seeking a volunteer organist-pianist for our 9 am Sunday Mass.  We are confident the Lord will provide, and you will be our special person.  We are praying for you.  You can make a difference to many.  

Ministry of Music

The Ministry of Music is an important part of Liturgy. The purpose of this Ministry is to embellish the prayerfulness of mass.  Musicians lead the congregation in song and encourage everyone’s participation to sing along.


  • Play an instrument (optional)
  • Sing in a choir or as a soloist (for Psalms)
  • Must attend weekly practices
  • Select or assist with the choice of songs that fit with the Liturgical season and readings
  • May be requested to sing/play at weddings or funerals
  • May join choirs specifically for the Christmas or Easter seasons

Qualities & Requirements

  • Be able to sing and learn tunes on key
  • Get along with others, work cooperatively with all members
  • Follow directions
  • Reading music is an asset but not required
  • Open to any instruments

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


Greeter: Ministers of hospitality play the crucial role of welcoming all those who enter the threshold here at the parish of St Bernadette. The ministry of Hospitality, are called to make all who enter comfortable with seating, directing, answering questions and being vigilant to the needs of those present. The ministry greets both friends and visitors ensuring everyone’s comfort.
In order to become a minister of Hospitality you must be a person who is active in their faith, who is a registered member of our parish with good personal skills, which are both welcoming and hospitable.

This is a fabulous ministry for families/ parents /children /grand parents / youth, etc… to be able to do together.

Usher: They take up the collection, bag it and place it securely as a team in the safe. The Ushers also help the greeters with welcoming people into the church and make all who enter comfortable with seating, directing, answering questions and being vigilant to the needs of those present.

Our Parish Pastoral Council would like to expand our services to the parish through this Ministry.  It serves our parish to create feelings of Being Welcome, Belonging, and Appreciated.  It strengthens Fellowship, Community Events, and New Parishioner orientations.  Hospitality becomes a means to serve others, and Christ in them.  Hospitality is a parish cornerstone that opens the door to a person’s heart and allows them to receive Joy, Peace, Grace and Love. 

Ministry of Hospitality

The purpose of this Ministry is to create a welcoming atmosphere within the Parish. These ministers provide opportunities for fellowship, welcome newcomers and visitors.

This Ministry includes  Greeters and Ushers


-Greet all mass attendees with a warm welcome and smile

-Remain at the entrance until all late arrivals have been seated

-Seat people in pews for larger gatherings

-Offer assistance to anyone when needed

-Ushers take collection from pews then store all donations securely

-Ushers facilitate the communion procession

-Be prepared to take charge in the event of an emergency

-Tidy up pews and church entry

-Assist with fellowship gatherings (ex. coffee after mass whenever planned)


-Welcoming and friendly individuals

-Enjoy meeting and interacting with others

-Willing to arrive early before mass and stay later

We are currently in need of a Chairperson for this Ministry. If you are interested in any of the Hospitality roles, please contact the Parish office at 204-255-1951 to have your name added to the Ministry Scheduler Pro as a Greeter or Usher.

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


Altar servers prepare the altar for the liturgy of the Eucharist and assist the presider as needed.
To serve at the altar for liturgical celebrations is a great opportunity to increase your faith and knowledge of the Sacrifice of the Mass. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest event in the world and your job as an altar server is to assist the priest so that mass runs smoothly and parishioners can pray and worship better and with less distraction.
This is a fabulous ministry for families/ parents /children /grand parents / youth, etc…

Typically  2-3 lay persons are needed to assist the priest in performing tasks to assure a smooth flow of the Liturgy.


  • Arrive well before mass to put on an alb  (over vestment)
  • Carry the procession candles and reverence the altar prayerfully
  • Hand the sacred vessels to the priest, assist with washing of hands
  • Ring bells at moment of consecration
  • Be part of the processional and recessional
  • May be a cross bearer who leads the procession and recessional

Qualities Required:   Have a great appreciation for the special reverence that takes place at the altar.  Must feel comfortable performing tasks in front of others.  Pays attention to detail at specific moments of the mass.  Must have received first communion in order to serve.

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


Liturgical proclamation of the scriptures makes Christ present, he who comes in our midst to transform us more and more into the saving mystery of his death and resurrection. Being a proclaimers/readers necessitates that we prepare our scripture readings well with both spiritual and technical preparations.
Ministers of the Word proclaim Scripture and the Prayers of the Faithful for liturgical celebrations. Proclaimers/readers must be baptized, practicing Catholics. This ministry requires ongoing commitment to study and prayer with the Word of God.

This Ministry of Liturgy is about proclaiming the Word of God to the assembly. Proclaimers or Lectors understand that it is through them that God is speaking His Word.


  • Arrive well before mass
  • Carry the Book of the Gospel in the processional and place on the altar
  • Practice and prepare ahead of time on how to read the scripture with conviction
  • Those who proclaim the 2nd reading usually also read the ‘Prayers of the Faithful’.
  • Be part of the recessional

Qualities of a Proclaimer

  • Love the Word of God.
  • Be comfortable reading in public and making eye contact
  • Able to articulate clearly and read slowly with expression
  • Have a good tone of voice
  • Open to accepting feedback to improve on reading skills
  • Accept to attend a training session
  • -St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


Eucharistic Ministers are called to administer the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to their sisters and brothers at all Masses.
They should have a good theology of the Eucharist and the Real Presence.
Ministers are generally scheduled to serve at the Mass of their choice and may be called upon to assist at Mass if the regularly scheduled Eucharistic minister is not present and did not get a replacement. We welcome all confirmed young people and adults. Note– only ordained ministers (Priests and Deacons) may offer solemn blessing during the communion procession– please signal the priest/deacon if he is needed.

Ministers of Communion are also referred to as “Extraordinary Communion Ministers”. They know they are helping to distribute the Holy Communion, the most precious gift of all, which is truly the body and blood of Christ. They are typically invited by the Priest to serve in this ministry.


  • Attend a training session to learn the teachings for distribution
  • Approach the altar reverently during the singing of  Lamb of God
  • Sanitize hands prior to serving others
  • Make eye contact, smile when presenting the Lord to members
  • Provide blessings for those not receiving

Qualities of these ministers– Must have great reverence for the Eucharist, a prayerful attitude and a love to serve the people of God.

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC

Ministry of Environment

This Ministry is part of Liturgy. Committee members ensure that the sacred space informs the gathered about the current season and/or feast days.

Duties and expectations

  • Collaborate with the Pastor and Chair of Liturgy regarding any changes in the church decorations.
  • Requires 3-4 planning meetings a year plus hands-on work to prepare the environment throughout the church’s seasons (Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter)
  • Purchase flowers or other decor needed for the different liturgical seasons, within the assigned budget.
  • Read church documents/journals (as provided by the Liturgy Chair or Pastor) to be more informed about this ministry.

Qualities of Ministers of Environment:

  • Creative, have a good eye for detail and visual layout.
  • Work well as team members.
  • Have an appreciation and concern for the overall space in the church
  • Have ideas to share on how to enhance the liturgical space.
  • Open to learn more about liturgy and its environment

-St. Bernadette Parish Parish PPC


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