Protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

We have resumed limited in-person worship. We are, however, required by law to follow all regulations for public gatherings in worship environments as set out by the Province of Manitoba. We are permitted to hold regular religious services with attendance of 25% of usual capacity or 100 people (whichever is least).

For the Parish of St Bernadette:

Please arrive NO SOONER THAN 30 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass.

  • We will be sanitizing the worship space before all liturgies.
  • The disinfectant solution must be sprayed throughout an empty space
  • The disinfectant solution must dry so that your clothing is not damaged.

Our MAXIMUM is 48 persons in attendance

Use of face masks is MANDATORY

    • including in the Narthex (entrance),
    • by the washrooms,
    • When you or others are walking around
    • No Singing without wearing a mask

When you enter the building, you must:

1.  Ensure you are properly masked. If you do not have a mask, a paper mask will be provided. Please ask us as you come in.

2. Sanitize your hands at one of the sanitizer stations at the entrance of the church or use your own sanitizer.

3. Form a line, maintaining two meters (six feet) distance and single-file, to provide government-required contact tracing information to parish staff.

4. You will then be shown to your assigned seat:

– Two meters (6 feet) social distancing is to be maintained at all times between you and all people who are not from your household.

– You are not to leave your seat except for use of washroom facilities or to exit the building (still masked at all times until you are in your car).

– Communion will be brought to you at your place.

– Please watch this video to review receiving the Body of Christ safely and reverentially while wearing a mask:

Lord’s Day Masses will be:

Saturday 5pm

Sunday 9am

Sunday 11am

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10:30am

A Mass will be recorded and will be available on our Parish Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for those who choose to refrain from a public gathering.

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Father Vincent Lusty demonstrates how to receive Holy Communion safely, and reverentially.